Can you be still and lose weight? You definitely can with these static hold abs exercises that will shrink your belly.

What are static hold exercises? It is exactly what the name entails, in which you will hold and not move in a certain position. This technique can be used for nearly any exercise you can think of: bench press, lateral raise, push-up, squat, pull-up and, of course, abs.

Static hold focuses on the stabilisation of the joints throughout the body that are being recruited for that specific movement. In static holds, the targeted muscle group is in constant contraction for the duration of the position, making it fatigue faster, improving strength and duration.

The biggest downside of doing static hold exercises is that it doesn’t promote explosiveness of the muscle and athletic performance. And that is why most people use static holds as a finisher for their workout – think of holding a squat position for 60 seconds before ending your leg day training – or more commonly for the core.

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The title of this article, however, can be misleading. These static holds abs exercises will help shrink your belly, but you simply cannot target fat loss. It is not by doing abs exercises that you will lose more fat in the belly than the thighs, for example.

Your body loses body fat overall, with no option to target it naturally. Sadly, the belly is one of the last areas in the human body to experience fat reduction, hence why it is so difficult to flatten your stomach.

What these static hold abs exercises will do is strengthen your core immensely and make your abs bigger, this way you will be able to see a six-pack earlier rather than later, with body fat percentage being a less dominant factor.

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So check out how to shrink your belly with these 5 static hold abs exercises.

Static Hold Abs Exercises to Shrink Your Belly

This list of static hold abs exercises to shrink your belly was first shared by coach Zacharia Zenios from Critical Bench, a website focused on health and strength that delivers many tips on how to get stronger, fitter and healthier with a massive YouTube following.

  1. Low Boat
  2. Toe Reach
  3. Wiper Hold Left & Right
  4. Low Plank
  5. Side Plank Left & Right
crossfit girl side plank exerciseSource: CrossFit Jacana

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Click on the video below to see Zenios explain how to do each one of these static holds abs exercises and to shrink your belly.

VIDEO – 5 Static Hold Abs Exercises to Shrink Your Belly

And those were some static hold abs exercises you should be doing to target your core effectively. Check out more content from BOXROX that we are sure you are going to love.

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More Useful Infor

If you are serious about losing weight and want to do more than just these static hold abs exercises posted above, then you should look into having access to gym equipment.

If you already have access to fitness gear from a gym, then your best and safest bet to lose weight would be to do heavy compound lifts at the beginning of your workout routines.

Compound exercises are effective for building strength because they work multiple muscle groups at once. They also recruit more muscle fibres than isolation exercises do. This means that compound moves build muscle faster and burn more calories over time. Ready to start getting fit? Here are some compound exercises you can add to your workout routine:

Squats are a great exercise for building your legs, butt, and abs. They’re also the most basic compound exercise you can do. If you want to build muscle mass and strength, squats should be at the top of your list of exercises—and there are lots of different squats variations to choose from!

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Barbell back squat

The deadlift targets your core, legs, back and grip strength making it one of the best muscle-building fat-burning exercises you can do. Improving your deadlift will also improve your squats, lunges and rows.

Pull-ups are great exercises to include in your workout routine and they target your back, biceps, lats and abs. You can always modify them to make it easier, in case you don’t have the strength yet to do one.

You can also do chin-ups, a variation that uses more your biceps than your back muscles.

amrap workouts How to Get Wider Lower Lats Pull Up Vs Chin UpSource: Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc

The bench press is one of the most popular exercises among weightlifters. It is the best exercise for chest hypertrophy and you can do them with a barbell for heavier load or dumbbells for a bigger stretch of the pecs.

Conclusion – Static Hold Abs Exercises to Shrink Your Belly

Add compound movements and do the 5 static hold abs exercises exemplified earlier to begin your body transformation and see the results for yourself.

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