These 4 science-based tips to get bigger arms will help you grow muscle mass and size.

Use these top tips from Jeremy Ethier to grow your guns and make serious changes to your physique.

Are you Doing Enough Volume?

This seems obvious, but how much should you actually be doing?

“Research has indicated that increase the volume dedicated to your arms can speed up growth. This can be easily done by adding an extra arm exercise to your routine or adding an extra set to your arm training every week, and gradually building up to 20+ weekly sets for the arms.

This includes indirect work from compound movements. Then, once progress stagnates, reduce the volume of your biceps and triceps exercises for a while before repeating the process.”

Science Based Tips to Get Bigger Arms – Prioritise your Arms

Although this is unorthodox, in order to grow the arms, you will, of course, have to prioritise them.

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“Research has shown that prioritizing the arms in this way provides better results in terms of bigger biceps and bigger triceps, as opposed to performing your arm exercises last. So in a pull workout for example, move your biceps exercises before your back exercises to prioritize the arms more.”

Progress Isolation Exercises like Compound Exercises

Jeremy explains that “progress with isolation exercises is a better indicator of muscle growth than progress with compound exercises. Meaning that you need to focus on progressing your arm isolation exercises week to week, as this will be more indicative of arm growth overtime.”

Science Based Tips to Get Bigger Arms – Stay on Course

“Lastly, in order to best apply the previous tip, you’ll want to avoid switching up your arm exercises too frequently. This way you’ll be able to better track your progress with them overtime and get stronger with them week after week.”

The exception to this rule is when you reach a plateau.

In that case, change things around and test and challenge your body in new ways. This will help to keep things fun, build strength in news and allow you to continue progressing.

Science Based Tips to Get Bigger Arms – Video

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Add these exercises into your training:

Dumbbell Shrugs

Dumbbell Fly

Dumbbell Hammer Curl

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